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1923 Hupmobile restoration 2

Members Steve Ford and Perry Warren with the coerced help of a couple of "Ring ins" (Non Members) have commenced the restoration of a 1923 Hupmobile Model R as a combined project. Progress will be added to the site as it occurs.

Genesis of the restoration began in 2006 when Steve aquired from Mr Phil Holt of Salisbury, the sad remains as a parts car for his 1924 Hupmobile (see membes cars - Vintage). In the process of work on the '24 additional parts were aquired from swap meets and other sources and in late 2011 discussion took place that there were more than likely enough parts to put a car together. The final decision was made over a few too many reds on New Years eve that the project would proceed with a Utility body fitted and themed as a Fire Engine.

The object of the project is to run on a tight budget and have some fun. A period correct and concourse restoration is not the object, but to assemble from an otherwise pile of scrap metal a running vehicle and enjoy using it. Mechanically it will be pure 1923 Hupp but there will be some "home brew" parts and adaptation of junk from the shed. Nothing will be done that is not reversible and correct parts will be fitted should they surface in the future.

            Work commenced on the 7th January 2012 with the stripped down chassis. The gussets reinforcing the center cross member were removed and repaired as rust had formed between them and the side rails. Minor pitting was brazed over and the frame cleaned and rust treated was painted in Signal Red on Saturday 21st January (photo to the left).

            Next job is to strip and clean the springs and refit them with new pins and bushes and refit front and rear ends.

            As can be seen at the far left of the photo, the original spring shackle bolts and bushes were in a rather sad state after 80+ years of neglect and abuse. The new bronze bushes were sourced from a local bearing supply company and the new pins were made from high tensile 1440 grade steel by an aquaintance with a commercial machine shop. I also have had him make up a new set of king pins and bushes ready for when the front end goes back in.

            There is a trap for the unwary as Hupps in the same model year often vary in detail - this was the case here as the springs and the hangers were narrower than my other car with different shackles. I had expected that this chassis and parts that fit it were the same and items that I had that I thought to be suitable turned out not to be. Some searching about in the stockpile found the suitable items

            Both the front and rear springs were completely dismantled. Rusting was removed from all the surfaces before reasembing them with new bolts and a light smear of grease between the leaves. These have now been painted and are ready to fit to the car.  (as of 29 January)

12th Feb. The chassis now has the springs fitted with the new shackle pins and bushes. A front beam has been fitted complete with the new king pins - Front hubs are on and the steering cross link fitted with new pins and bushes in the steering arms. A servicible differential has been found from my spares and is in the process of being cleaned up ready for fitting. One new tyre has been purchased along with 5 tubes and rust bands - the other 4 tyres are old but servicible with plenty of tread left.

Stripping of the rear end has revealed that the brake drums have completely rusted though but replacemets have been taken from one of the siezed up rear ends. The drive pegs on the rear hubs all need replacement as they did on the previous Hupp - a problem that occurs due to loose hub nuts. 5 good rims have been sent off for sand blasting and it should be sitting on wheels by the end of the month.