replacing drive lugs
1923 Hupmobile resoration 1
1923 Hupmobile restoration 3


We have the springs on with all new pins and bushes, the front axle is assembled with new king pins and bushes as previously mentioned.

The steering drag link is on with NOS pins and new bushings in the steering arms and the rear end has had a good going over and has been fitted,

At this stage we are waiting on the relined bands to come back from the brake guy and the shafts that operate the hand brake bands to come back from the metal sprayers as the wear in them was a concern needing rectification.

The replacement lugs have been fitted to the hubs and everything else for the rear is cleaned and ready to go.



The rear end has been completed and the beast is back on all 4 wheels. There was a slight delay as the brake shafts sent off for repair turned out to be both for the same side so we had to find the other one and send that in too and wait for its return. Brake bands also were a small issue as they came back with too thick lining on the inner ones that required some rework to get them to fit.

The steering column has been overhauled and fitted along with the fore and aft drag link plus the advance / retard mechanism. The steering wheel required only a polish up and new shaft key made. The wheel that came with this car was broken beyond repair and I had a "spider" that was going to get new wood. The one that ended up being fitted was a bonus item found amongst gear stashed in a wardrobe in the spare room that I had forgotten all about.

The engine was the one that was in my 1924 Hupp when obtained and we had managed to get it running several years ago. (The one out of this chassis was completely rebuilt and fitted to the 1924 car as it was completely siezed up - spend the same money on a completely dead one was the logic).

The head, sump and plates on the water jackets have been removed and it all looks to be in suprisingly good condition. The bores are good, valves are good and bearings look ok so all it is in for is a general clean up and some new gaskets. Vast quantities of gunk were in the sump and a few rust holes are evident in that item that have been brazed over and lead wiped. Other than that the water jackets were full of various deposits needing a good clean.