Oil Filter modification

I had been unable to locate the original type Ryco ZR1 oil filter canisters for my Ford Prefect at a price where I was prepared to throw them away at every oil change. (Try $80 to $100+ if you can find them at a swap meet!) I have carried out the following to adapt a modern spin on type whilst maintaining an original appearance.




Carefully grind the seam on the old filter and separate the halves. Throw away the innards and clean the housing

Remove the metal tab that takes the threads as it is no longer needed. It is held by one spot weld and breaks away easily.

Machine up an adaptor to fit the oil filter and tap the central and offset holes to 1/8” NPT. You will also need a 1/8” NPT male to male adaptor – I got mine from B.L. Shipway on Richmond Road for a little over 5 bucks.

I am useless at cutting a thread on a lathe so a mate of mine did it as a favor – some cars that use the spin off filters have a removable threaded section (Holden Red Motors an some Falcons) so you may be able to adapt something

Fit your adapter inside the housing using the male adaptor in the central hole to secure it to the housing – use a thread sealant. Make sure that the offset hole lines up with its corresponding hole in the housing – another adaptor or the engine fittings can be used to facilitate this.

The new element screws down onto the adaptor as shown within the old housing. I chose to use a Z154 as fitted to Commodores as it was the biggest that would fit comfortably inside the 2 halves of the old canister. Smaller elements are available if you want to go that way.

The finished product fitted up to the engine. I found a big hose clamp to hold the 2 halves together. Tape wrapped over the original seam would also work as the weight of the covering half of the original canister is negligible.

 This filter was used on a lot of cars besides the small Fords (Singer & Vauxhall are 2 that come to mind)