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More than 200 veteran and vintage and classic cars, trucks and motorcycles

 will converge on the Adelaide Parklands for a public display on Sunday 18th March 2018


Organised by The Vintage Sports Car Club of South Australia,

the 11th annual Historic Motor Vehicle Gathering is primarily

for vehicles built before 1931, with post '30 (classic) vehicles displayed separately.


This display will give the public a chance to see just how quickly vehicles evolved in the first few decades of the past century.

Everything from spindly, single-cylinder cars and bikes well over 100 years old capable of just 40kph to large eight-cylinder, luxury vehicles from the height of the "Roaring Twenties" more than capable of mixing it with modern traffic will be on display.  This is not just a great opportunity to see the history of motoring but a chance to meet and talk with the custodians of these vehicles and marvel at the development, design and grandeur of these magnificent machines.

 This is also an opportunity for younger people to see 'up close and personal' relics from an era of motoring very few living people truly remember, thus helping to foster and preserve an interest in the historic vehicle movement.

 The vehicles will be displayed in Edwards Park (Park 23) on the western side of Anzac Highway between the Keswick Bridge and West Terrace from 10:30am to 2:30pm.


There is  no admission charge  for entrants or spectators, and  free parking  has been arranged in a special section in the same grounds.  Enter off Anzac Highway.

There will also be catering on-site.

        Historic Motor Vehicle Gathering

Sunday 18th March 2018


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