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 The Watts Trophy

Jack Watts was a Member of the Club for many years in the era of Bateman, Burnett-Reed, Wollaston, etc. He used to own a Tipo 8 Isotta-Franchini.

The Club had conducted a traditional 'English ' type trial in the Crafers area [ on the course now swallowed by Highways and other authorities machinations] and Jack decided that a magnificent Vulcan radiator mascot which he had, would make a good trophy.

This was duly presented to the Club for perpetual annual competition for this event, and was thence referred to as The Watts Trophy.


Rules for The Watts Trophy

Event.                       A driving skills event usually conducted as a series of sub events.

Location.                  Anywhere, where sufficient space is available.

Time.                        Held annually on a Sunday in August.

Eligibility.                 Open to all Membership Classes.

Car.                          Open to Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage and Other Collectible Vehicles, but only                                  Veteran and Vintage cars are eligible to win the trophy. the same car can be                                  entered with more than one driver, each competing separately.

Scoring.                   As per event and trophy rules.

Trophy.                    Awarded to the winning driver. The driver's name and car are to be engraved on                                  the Watts Trophy. A replica to be given.

Remarks.                 Results [placings] are used to allocate points for the Vintage Competition Trophy.

                                 Post Vintage and Other Collectible Vehicles may compete in this event but cannot                                  win the Watts Trophy. However, points gained from placings will count towards                                  the George Bampton Memorial Trophy.

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