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 The Stanton Ohlmeyer Memorial Run

This run usually held in May is a navigational trial in the Adelaide foothills, sometimes at night, but there have been several variations over the years.

The Stanton Ohlmeyer Memorial Trophy associated with this event has been retired but the event continues as a run to perpetuate its legacy.

History - Tony Ohlmeyer is one of those craftsmen on who fables are built. He started with the maintenance of cars and motorcycles as a boy, almost before the dawn of time.

In the formative years of the Club he was the mentor of many Members, and could could always be relied on to give the same care and attention to detail, on a soft old Vintage Family Tub to the most modified and frightening competition 30/98. He would always fit these in between the attention he gave to the Octagonal T's which he worked on in small droves.

On Thursday, 17th July, 1958, a violent tornado hit the suburbs of Adelaide. Amongst much other damage it wrecked Tony's garage, crushing his son Stanton in the fallen masonry. Stanton Ohlmeyer was then 20 and following in his fathers footsteps. He was so well known to many Club Members that subsequently many of them gave a hand in rebuilding the premises.

Later, Tony Ohlmeyer presented the magnificent trophy to the Clup as a permanant memorial to his son. It had always been presented to the Vintage or Post Vintage Thoroughbred winner of a trial named for it. The late bill Byfield was largely responsible for Tony presenting the trophy.

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