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 The Presidents Trophy Run

When Roly Forss was President in 1966/67, it occurred to him that while the Club had for some years run an event organised by the President, there was no perpetual trophy for it. So Roly looked about for a suitable 'Auld Mug', but then he thought of a better idea. A request for a suitable mascot brought forth a magnificent eagle - donated by Dan Ireland. The bird sits on top of a valve - ex Grandma Wolsley, the stem of which is screwed into the top of an Austin 7 conrod. The big end of the rod clamps a turned piece of bronze, bearing the club badge, and is mounted on a base turned from a piston crown. The whole lot, nickelled of course, is mounted on a base of Nigerian mahogany, cushioned by a cork gasket on the bottom, The proportions selected by the designer are such that the entity is graceful and is a much admired conversation piece, as well as a fitting perpetual trophy for the incumbent President to present each year.


The trophy was first presented to Peter Skellon for an event organised by Roly on 24th June 1967.

Rules for The President's Trophy

Event.                        Anything vaguely motoring and competetive goes. The event style / type shall be                                    decided by the President.

Location.                  Anywhere. Usually a short run to the inner / outer metropolitan area.

Time.                        A Sunday in June.

Eligibility.                 Open to all Membership classes

Car.                           Any car [no restriction to class / age].

Trophy.                     Awarded to the driver. The driver's name is to be engraved on the trophy, and a                                   replica is to be given,

Remarks.                  Results [placings] are to count towards the Vintage Competition and the George                                   Bampton Memorial Trophies respectively


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