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 The Bert Pope Weekend

This event is generally held in April each year and constitutes a weekend run to the south of Adelaide.

Its history is that for some years this Club, with the Sporting Car Club, conducted a weekend rally to Victor Harbour, for which class trophies were presented from time to time.

This went on for some years, and in the late 1950's, Bert and Jean pope were regular competitors in a 23/60 Vauxhall. In 1958, Bert died and soon afterwards a close friend of his and ertswhile Club Member, Jack Mighall presented the magnificent BERT POPE MEMORIAL TROPHY.

The history of this particular cup has now been lost, but the cup had been in the Mighall family for many years and was originally presented for a horse race, probably in the late 1890's or early 1900's. The original engraving was buffed off and replaced with the present lot and a new base fitted.

The Cup (retired in 2008) was presented for the overall winner of the Concours d' Elegance. The judging being carried out by ateam of judges using a very comprehensive points system.

With the Cup and Concours judging now retired, the event continues as a social weekend away with fellow Club Members. A "popular choice" trophy was determined in conjunction with the Bert Pope Memorial Trophy and this is still awarded today.

Peoples Choice Trophy Rules

Event.             A "popular choice" trophy determined in conjunction with the Bert Pope Weekend

Location.        The site of the Bert Pope Weekend Run.

Time.              Conjointly With the Bert Pope Weekend Run.

Eligibility,        Open to all Membership classes.

Car.                 All cars manufactured prior to 1st January 1951 are eligible to win the trophy.

                        To be eligible the car must have been driven to the judging locationfrom the Members                         home or other approved starting point.

Scoring.          The trophy shall be awarded to the owner of the vehicle voted by the public as "the                         vehicle I would most like to own"

Trophy.           The winning owners name and car shall be engraved on the trophy.

Remarks.       This trophy was originally donated by Morrie Brenton circa 1985.


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