Steve Ford aquired this 1948 Ford Prefect in 2006 as the result of a ridiculously low E Bay bid.

From information recieved on pick up from Mt Gambier it is possible that he is just the second or third registered owner. The car was christened "The Pig" by a freinds German mother due to its registration plate (sau translates as sow) and was befitting its sad condition.

All that was required to get it running was a 6 volt battery and some fuel, a quick clean and polish saw it on club registration and it was the first vehicle Steve drove on a club run since he joined - (To much light hearted ribbing from fellow members - possibly due to parking it between Duncans Model K Hupp and Kevins Rolls Royce).

This run did not do the interior any good as the leather seats simply fell apart with use and have since been recovered.

The Prefect is an engish bodied variant and reasonably rare in Australia. It differs from locally produced cars by having a flat boot, a fabric roof insert and swage lines on the mudguard lips. An incorrect grille is fitted but the correct one has been located and needs repair before fitting,

More tidying up and detailing is due but in the meantime it remains original other than the retrim of the seats.